Peter Adediran

founder & PRINCIPAL solicitor at pail solicitors

Peter Adediran

Digital Business & intellectual property lawyer

“We’re honestly at the tip of the iceberg. When I think of what we can accomplish – a more egalitarian world and a place where people have more opportunity than ever before – I fall in love with the internet all over again.” – Peter Adediran

Early in his professional career, Peter Adediran fell in love with the internet. A young man trained the traditional way in big City London law firms, which are, along with firms in New York, the finest in the world. He first cut his teeth on the traditional legal practice areas putting together deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds or taking huge cases to the High Court that hit the headlines of the next day’s newspaper. Peter followed a conventional path of life for a time— that is until news of the new digital frontier broke out. Peter saw this new medium as a chance to blaze his trail and create his future. The seemingly endless possibilities of the internet are something that has always excited him, and his desire to see the internet produce an equal world – filled with options for both young and old – has been a foundational reason for his work in the industry.

In 1998, Peter’s friend tipped him off to the future of the internet, and it changed his life forever. In 2002, Peter Adediran wrote, “A Practical Guide to Business, Law & the Internet”, possibly the first book on Internet Law published in the UK. His book included groundbreaking analysis of domain names and trademarks, web media content and copyright, Privacy and the Data Protection Act now GDPR years before it hit critical mass and became widely popular practice areas amongst lawyers. Peter’s work – to say the least – has been nothing short of groundbreaking, and his work in intellectual property and entertainment law predicted the transformation of the wild west of the internet to a place that increasingly values the writers, artists, and professionals it showcases today.

Peter currently leads PAIL Solicitors – an intellectual property, digital media, and entertainment law firm based in central London. PAIL’s business mission statement is simple and evocative; to give businesses with a valid value proposition an unfair advantage. PAIL Solicitor’s sets companies up for a head start in revenue growth and user retention right from the start, combined with a workable exit strategy. Peter’s work with PAIL Solicitors is another facet of his professional life that solidifies him as a top internet professional, and his work in internet law has pioneered the way for many. PAIL Solicitors thrives because of Peter Adediran’s understanding of the intricacies of the internet. Peter views the internet as a language, and to truly grasp a language; one must understand the surrounding culture — something Peter understands and speaks fluently.

Peter Adediran is digital copyright and intellectual property internet lawyer by choice, and his work in the industry spans over two decades. Peter’s work in internet law has led to his nomination as one of the 100 key influencers and drivers in the field of e-commerce in a NOP poll of over 22,000 online professionals.

Peter is excited about the future of the internet, believing that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Depending on who gets a hold of this powerful medium, he envisions a world that is equal with a more level playing field. With the internet, more doors are open than ever before, and the ability to excel no matter one’s gender, age, or ethnicity has increased. Like his groundbreaking work in internet law, Peter is also at the forefront of cryptocurrency. Seeing the potential that blockchain could bring to the voting system and the healthcare industry, Peter has taken it upon himself to become an expert in advising traders, consultants, and professional advisors in cryptocurrency, as well as in drafting commercial contracts for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Lightcoin, and more. He also has experience in lesser-known coins such as Ubiq and in ICOs. In 2014 Peter founded Optireum a cryptocurrency consultancy with offices in Hamburg and London.

Peter Adediran’s love and knowledge of the internet shines through in his professional and personal life, and his work so far is but a glimmer of what is to come.

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